Use your Wisdom and Experiences to Mentor the Young Generation after your Retirement

Use your Wisdom and Experiences to Mentor the Young Generation after your Retirement

Seniors who have attained the age of 65 and have just retired are known to be wiser than those individuals who have just entered workforce and even those individuals who are about to attain the age of 40 and so on. Considering that you have been down the road of life before, it is crucial for you to use your knowledge and experience in showing others the way. Although people will see you are a retired senior, some expect a lot from you. In fact, some will even come to you for advice whenever they feel like whatever they want to do is not clear. That tells you that you are very important unlike what you may think that you are useless to the society. There are a number of benefits which you will accrue from being a senior mentor in the society or the community around you. Find a 2020 supplement quote here

Why is it important to be a mentor to others?

There are more reason why being a mentor is important. Firstly, as an experienced senior, you will have an opportunity to pass knowledge to the younger generation who still have a long way up the ladder. For example, you are a seniors who has just retired at the age of 65. You did work a large scale crane operation in different countries and now that you have retired, a young person comes to you for advices after having trouble with his/her employer for failing to observe safety procedures during the operation of cranes. With this you will act as a mentor and because you have retired, you will be doing something constructive by simply passing what you know and even what you have been through hence making such an individual encourage and ready to face tomorrow’s challenge one again.

Never be ashamed of telling people mistakes you committed in life

Sometimes, we learn from mistakes, and that means that we can also share these mistakes with someone just to help them identify with them. For some of the seniors, dwelling on the positive side is what they want just to maintain their image but as far as mentoring is concerned, you need to make sure that you share both positives and negatives. Doing so will make someone realize that despite having those mistakes you still managed to turn around and be where you are now.